Abyssinian Oil

CurlyEllie loves Abyssinian Oil and we use this key ingredient in all our Conditioners.

Best Oils for Curly HairAbyssinian Oil is a new unique natural oil making its way into the beauty industry. It is among the new family of green, natural, safe ingredients that make a significant difference to personal care products.

 It contains a high percentage of unsaturated C22 fatty acids which provide your curly hair with natural luster and lubricity after using our CurlyEllie conditioners.


Abyssinian Oil's Key Benefits for Curly Hair

  1. Natural lustre and lubricity: The oil glides onto the hair surface to form a very light continuous lipid layer, which provides lubricity to help detangle hair and lock in essential moisture. As a result the hair can better tolerate adverse conditions, such as strong light and heating appliances like dryers, hair curlers amongst others without generating split ends and excessive damage.

  2. Softer and more flexible Hair: Abyssinian oil leaves the hair softer and more flexible, thereby reducing damage to the hair fibres.

  3. Improves manageability and makes the hair softer.

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