Scrunch Towel (Size 89 cm x  45 cm)
Scrunch Towel (Size 89 cm x  45 cm)

Scrunch Towel (Size 89 cm x 45 cm)

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Size 89 cm x  45 cm

Exclusive Frizz busting scrunching hair towel designed to dry your hair in a fraction of the time leaving just enough moisture for styling.

    1. Bend your head forward until all your hair falls in front of your face
    2. Work on small sections at a time :
      1. Hold your hair from the ends and scrunch it up towards your scalp
      2. Continue scrunching every few minutes until your hair is almost dry
    1. The fibers are designed to create less friction leaving you with frizz free curls
    2. The combination of moisture retention and reduced friction make the scrunching with the towel kind to your hair
    3. The Scrunching motion, instead of rubbing, further enhances your natural curl definition and encourages the formation of your curls without the frizz
    4. Your hair is not left dry, but with just enough moisture that is great for styling and defining your curls
  • I am made with a bespoke blend of highly absorbent fibres;

    70% Polyester / 30% Polyamide