If you would like to propose an article, photo or video for publishing on CurlyEllie, please read these guidelines and instructions for submission.


CurlyEllie loves accepting contributions from our community, with the goals of showing how our community use our Collection.  However, we will only post  articles, photos and videos that conform to the guidelines below, so that we can preserve our communitys integrity and site authority.


Topic Selection Criteria


  • Article must be about how to use our collection

  • The article must be original and may not have been posted on any other blog in its current form. 

  • CurlyEllie reserves the right to remove your article from our website if we find that you have published it elsewhere without very significant edits.


Article Requirements


  • Article must be at least 600 words, but preferably longer.

  • Article must contain at least one (non-copyrighted) image, with recommended alt tags and image title for good SEO.

  • Article may contain a maximum of three links, but preferably no more than two.  If you are linking to your own site with one of your links, then you must also link to an additional reputable source (e.g. Times, Wikipedia) with another link.

  • Your link's anchor text must be the name of your product, not a keyword.  

  • The article must be well-written, well-organized, fully proofread, and easy to read.  We reserve the right to reject submissions due to insufficient quality.

  • If you are attempting to make some sort of scientific proof , you must provide documented sources from peer reviewed journals.

Send your submissions to marketing@curlyellie.com"font-weight: 400;">m,