All you need to know about Looking after your Curls in Autumn - Tried and Tested


I love it.. the smell... the sight of leaves turning brown and falling off the trees.. The eager anticipation of Christmas with all it has to bring...It is definitely my favourite time of the year.

But the change in temperature is not always good news for your hair and if not looked after properly, could undo all the hard work that you put in over the summer leaving you with dry, itchy scalp and the return of the dreaded frizzzzzzz.

Here are some of my tried and tested tips

Moisture Moisture and More Moisture.. did I say Moisture ?

You may already notice your skin and lips getting a little more dryer with the change in weather. You, like us, may already have invested in a good lip balm or lip moisturiser. The same goes for your hair. You may have noticed that it is beginning to lose some of its natural shine and may start looking a bit dull.

The lack of moisture also results in a dry scalp. The scalp will produce less sebum, which may lead to dandruff. An itching scalp can be quite irritating.


    • Use a little bit of our Moisturising Detangling Spray everyday and combine with our Curl Defining Leave-in Conditioner  for extra moisture, especially if your hair is thicker.
    • Not only will it give you a daily does of moisture, it can also help to protect your hair against environmental damage by creating a natural film over your hair.
    • Organic Certified Aloe Vera is also well know for assuming in the repair of damaged hair.


    Styling and Heat Protection

    Tips : Keep the Heat Down or out

    • Try air-drying or gently towel drying your hair after massaging a good amount of our Curl Defining Leave-in Conditioner before drying your hair with a diffuser or hair dryer. Keep the dryer setting on low/low to limit the amount of heat and get better defined curls.
    • Styling is a little bit harder because of the tendency for your hair to be dry because of the cooler temperatures as well as our increased use of headers and radiators indoors.
    • This is the time to use a little bit more of our Curl Defining Leave-in Conditioner as often as your hair needs it. 
    • Remember to wash your hair with our Intensive Treatment Hair Mask before styling. We included a heat resistant oil, Meadowfoam to help provide additional protection against the heat from hair dryers/diffusers.
    • Give winter the COLD (or lukewarm) shoulder 
      Just because it is getting a bit cold outside don't be tempted to wash your curly hair with very hot water. Instead, Wash your curly hair with warm or lukewarm water.  
      • Why
    Dry hair is not a friend of your curls. Your curls need all the moisture they can get especially in winter.
      1.  Hot water tends to dry out your hair and is not good for sensitive and delicate skin, especially on your scalp.
      2. Hot water can strip away your hairs natural oils that act as a barrier to protect and nourish your hair. 



      Conditioning your hair should be a fundamental part of your autumn hair care routine. There is no better time to invest in a good quality Hair Mask and Nourishing Conditioner for ongoing nourishment. This will help keep Frizz at bay and strengthen the hair.


      • At least once a week, treat your hair to our Intensive Treatment Hair Mask as part of your overall hair/skin care routine, When you pop on the face mask, pop on the hair mask. Using our Intensive Treatment Hair Mask that combines natural plant and seed oils  will help :
        1. Hydrate
        2. Nourish
        3. Moisturise; and
        4. Minimise frizz;
        5. Restore shine; and
        6. Repair.
      If you have dry, damaged or coloured hair, this is a MUST.
      • Mid week, try washing your hair with our nourishing conditioner alone (skipping the shampoo). The gel-like substance of the Aloe Barbadensis leaf  that we use in our Nourishing Conditioner gives it a similar chemical composition of keratin, the naturally occurring protein in hair cells. This structural similarity allows for easier penetration along the entire length of the hair shaft. (This is one of the key reasons we use Aloe Vera in our CurlyEllie products!)




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