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Let the Weaning Process Begin

Finally, one of my babies is ready for weaning. Her Twin sister is not. How do I know she is not ready? The spitting, closing mouth and generally shouting whilst food goes in was a very quick indicator that she did not want to try solids. Whilst I am not happy and my poor body is still trying to sustain two 5 month-olds, I am secretly happy that one of the babies is still a baby. I am on the hunt for weaning ideas...  Here is what I am trying out at the moment.. feel free to share yours. 1....

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Alert - Hot off the press.

Wow!! What a day. We have just seen a product review on our range by UKCurlyGirl. Loving the definition that our products are giving to curly hair. I am so happy that our Detangler and Shampoo are such big hits and come highly recommended. See the review here. To celebrate, we are offering 15% off store wide on all our products to our first 50 customers storewide.... get shopping. CODE: EL3ANOR THIS OFFER IS NOW CLOSED - THANKS TO EVERYONE THAT USED THE CODE. HAPPY SHOPPING!  

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Hair styles in the heat

Looking after childrens curly hair in the heat is a nightmare. Today, is a great day.. the sun is out, the pollen is low and I had 3 hours sleep ha ha Ellie's hair changes in the heat. It gets a lot more dryer than usual and a lot harder to keep hydrated. I decided to wash her hair last night with our nourishing conditioner, which left it looking really good. I still am a sucker for the detangling spray, so I sprayed some in with a dash of the leave-in conditioner and sent her off to schoo. The only...

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CurlyEllie Opens up Shop

Press Release

I can't believe this day has finally come. It has taken over 2 years of careful research, product development and testing to get here and I am so excited to introduce CurlyEllie!! Especially designed for babies and children, the CurlyEllie hair care range provides rich, hydrating, luxurious Shampoo, Conditioner, Detangling Spray and Leave-in Conditioner that contain only the purest, natural ingredients for delicate hair and scalps.  As babies, my children were tortured by eczema, allergies and asthma.  I became an additive obsessive, scouring product labels for pure, natural products that wouldn't irritate their scalp or skin.   I failed to...

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