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Silicone and Sulfates - Dummys Guide for curly hair


There are so many new good products in the market for curly hair and I am pleased that the majority of them are now silicone and sulfate free  - why ? because that is exactly what CurlyEllie believes in... Kind to hair and the planet, No nasties in our products, and lots and lots of moisture.

It is important to keep your curly hair very well moisturised using really good hair products that are silicone and sulfate free where possible. Here is our simple dummies guide to why we dont use silicones and sulfates. 

What are silicones ?

Silicones create a film on hair and is hard to remove from your hair. Heavy use of silicone products in the hair, leads to a build up in the hair which makes it hard for moisture to penetrate the hair. Due to this your hair gets dry over a period of time and loses its curl shape as well. 

CurlyEllie was designed to be a clean, kind and gentle. None of our products are made with Silicones and we only use really light oils like Broccoli Seed oil in our formulations instead of silicones.

Broccoli Seed Oil is gaining recognition as a natural alternative to the silicone in shampoos, conditioners and styling products where high sheen and luster are desired. The unique composition of fatty acids includes approximately 50% Erucic acid (C22:1). Erucic acid is an Omega-9 fatty acid that is useful for imparting a silicone-like sheen to hair.

Top Tip: Look out for products that use Broccoli Seed oil instead of Silicones 

What are sulfates ?

Sulfates are detergents that you mainly find in shampoos, especially clarifying shampoos. Sulfates and can be especially harsh on curly hair because it strips the hair of its natural oil and leaves it very dry.


I have published a list of our ingredients with some additional information on why we use each one on our site.


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