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How do you know when it is time to embrace your natural hair ?

After my latest Instagram post describing my Eureka moments, I have been overwhelmed by all your Eureka moments - THANK YOU so much. 

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In my humble experience, there is never any ONE single reason to start embracing your natural hair.

  • Some embrace their hair from childhood.
  • Some people see the damaged that heat and chemicals have done to their hair;
  • Some people choose natural hair due to life style changes;
  • Some do it for their children;
  • and
  • and
  • and

In order to start a natural hair journey the first thing everyone needs to understand is WHY. What are the benefits of leaving your hair natural? Why should we stop using harmful products and limit heat on our tresses ?


Noticing damage

Most curlies know the struggle of waking up every morning and having to blow dry and straighten their curls to death just to leave the house. Every time you do this routine, your hair does not thank you.

The moment you start to notice your hair thinning, becoming dryer and less textured, losing their shine or an extra frizz to the curls you didn’t have before, then it might be time to cut the damage and give your hair a break.

There are plenty of damage free ways to style your hair.


Being able to wake up and leave the house without spending ages trying to style your hair takes a lot of confidence. The flip side is that, doing this, really boosts your confidence!

If you feel like the reason you can’t face your natural hair is due to a lack of confidence in yourself, it’s time to start now! Force yourself to wear your hair natural with CurlyEllie and soon you’ll be feeling true Curl Confidence! You can’t get used to your natural hair if you never start. It may be daunting at the start, but all the compliments you’ll be getting will show you how much you rock your curls!



Straightening, crimping and styling is long and tiring! Who wants to get up an hour earlier just to do your hair? Not us! 

Using CurlyEllie and embracing your natural hair means you can roll out of bed and roll straight out the door! And doesn’t that extra hour in bed just seem amazing!



Straighteners, crumpets, mouses, Hair spray all cost money! Especially when you’re using the amount of hair spray and hair products a curly needs! Not to mention, the more and more damage you do to your hair the more you’ll have to spend on treatment in the future to get it back to how it once was, and remember not all damage is repairable!

CurlyEllie comes in large bottles and only a tiny bit of product is needed for every use, so it lasts forever and it’s reasonably priced!



From Vogue to Jenna Frumes, Curls are IN right now! What better time to embrace your natural curls than when it’s all in the fashion!  Everytime you see and advert or pick up a magazines or newspaper, there are so many inspiring stories about curly hair at the moment . You can find lots of tips and tricks on how to get the perfect curls and how to style your natural hair like the professionals.


Remember guys, there is no time like the present to start embracing your natural curls! The sooner you do it, the sooner you’ll reap the benefits! Boost that Curl Confidence

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