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Let the Weaning Process Begin

Finally, one of my babies is ready for weaning. Her Twin sister is not.

How do I know she is not ready? The spitting, closing mouth and generally shouting whilst food goes in was a very quick indicator that she did not want to try solids.

Whilst I am not happy and my poor body is still trying to sustain two 5 month-olds, I am secretly happy that one of the babies is still a baby.

I am on the hunt for weaning ideas... 

Here is what I am trying out at the moment.. feel free to share yours.

1. Quinoa flakes (yummy when mixed with breast milk). Tastes pretty bland on its own. My daughter will generally eat it when given but not her first choice.

2. Carrots, Sweet potato and Parsnips... This is a winner and by far my daughters preferred choice - breast milk included or not.

3. Baby led weaning - I always follow the main meal with some cut apples in huge chunks so she wont be able to swallow whole and choke. The idea is that she starts tasting the food and using her hands.

A bit of a random thought here - I once read in a study that baby led weaning is fantastic for kids. The use of their own tongue, gums etc encourages speech. This is why I always give some chunky foods that they can eat themselves.


Share your stories and recipes below.


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