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Curls at Coachella

As the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival 2018 draws to a close its time to feedback on some of the amazing looks we’ve seen partying over the two weekends.

 While Coachella is a place for style and fashion to flourish, it is also a place for self-expression where festival goers can experiment with new looks they wouldn’t elsewhere. The one thing we love the most about festival chic at CurlyEllie is the BIG, BOUNCY CURLS!


We have paraded Social media over the course of the festival to admire all the curly looks being rocked by our favourite celebrities and influencers and here they are!







 We LOVE Jena for always showing off her big bouncy ombrè curls and they looked even bigger and bouncier than ever at Coachella. Our confident curly-head matched them with a brown and white crochet two piece paired with a matching brown chain bag. Jena’s curls complete every outfit and always compliment her face so well. No-one screams #CURLFIDENCE like Jena Frumes!






Jen Hudson


J HUD looked amazing at Coachella as she went for a more punk rock look with one side slicked with the other boasting different types of curls. She also added some colour to her style with a purple braid to match her purple nails. This look is FIERCE.






Rita Ora

 Rita Ora looked absolute FLAMES as she performed at Coachella this year. She strutted her stuff around the main stage as she let her beachy curls down which stood out amazingly against her all black outfit. It’s a YES from us.







New guy on the block Joshua Brennan rocked his curls tying them up in a lose ponytail above his head giving off an effortless trendy look. He wore a colourful yet cool stripy jumper with stripy trousers and green Vans. Here at CurlyEllie we love nothing more than men who show off their curls with confidence!



Destinys child

Last but definitely not least, the act which got everyone talking was the comeback of Destiny’s Child during Beyoncè’s performance at Coachella! The famous threesome took to the stage again each sporting a different type of curl on their heads! While Michelle Williams opted for a subtler silky wave, Beyoncé boasted her long fluffy curls and Kelly Roland slicked her hair back off her face into a big bouncy up-do. It wasn’t just the curls that got people raving as Beyoncé’s performance has been deemed her best ever yet and got the hashtag #BEYCHELLA trending!


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